Ask the Man Panel: Alice + Olivia Flounce Dress

I love this otherworldy-seeming Lison Long Flounce Dress from Alice + Olivia, because basically I’m a whore for ruffle sleeves. But also! Doesn’t it look so elvish and “Lord of the Rings”-y? So what do the boys think? We asked our man panel to give an in depth analysis of the flounce dress and they shared their thoughts. Check ‘em out after the jump!Ryan, 32: Girl, come out from behind that curtain and let’s chat awhile!

Dr. Rob, 33: Was she in “The Princess Bride?”

Mike, 32: Also doubles as a table cloth. Who says high fashion doesn’t have a function? Oh yeah, I do. All the time.

Adil, 25: It’s got more, it’s got less. I like it.

Jeff, 33: I’m pretty sure this is the dress Arwen asked her bridesmaids to buy when she married Aragorn.

Dylan, 28: This is really nice in a sort of flouncy elvish-maiden way, which I am pretty into. Or should I say “Q, feen-dess-ell-yah vahn-yah, leen-non ahm meh-lehth veen!” Look it up, ladies.

Jeffery, 30: The top-half of the dress looks like a high-school marching band outfit.

Justin, 32: I love it, but she’s showing a bit too much leg.