Butt-Toning Skechers Shape Up Sneakers Miiiiight Not Be Appropriate For Little Girls

We’ve all seen Kim Kardashian’s softcore porn for Skechers’ Shape Ups, the sneakers which claim to tone your ass (despite the health and fitness community calling BS on that one). Whatever, that’s what Kim Kardashian does in every commercial. But Skechers is also selling Shape Ups butt-toning sneakers for your little girl! In this cartoon commercial, a rock band of funky girls sings about how Shape Ups have “everything a girl wants / she’s got the height / got the bounce / yeah, she’s looking good / and having fun.” And then the lead singer walks away trailed by three panting boys (who, for some reason, are dressed like hot dogs and cupcakes)! Lovely message to send to elementary schoolers, Skechers: look good and boys will like you. Also, Sketchers expressly touts the sneakers’ alleged butt-toning properties in the Kim Kardashian commercial for adults, but the tag line suddenly becomes “get fit” in the cartoon commercial for kids. Fishy!

I’d bet my last dollar that Skechers’ corporate spokesperson would insist they only mean “she’s looking good” because she’s got pink, glittery sneakers any little girl would love. The rest of us realize it’s f**ked up and gross to be selling butt-toning sneakers at 1st graders. Feel icky inside yet?