Buy McQueen Armadillo Shoes For $25!

armadillo 05911 m jpg
Good news! Alexander McQueen’s exquisite armadillo heels are finally affordable! The Metropolitan Museum of Art is selling pairs of the shoes — to coincide with the unveiling of its Costume Institute exhibition “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” — at the Met gift shop for a mere $25. That’s right! For $25 you can have your own McQueen armadillos, made famous by Lady Gaga and a slew of other celebs who carefully teetered along red carpets in their towering insanity. Oh wait, what’s that? You actually want to wear them? Aw, too bad. See, the shoes on sale at The Met are only three inches long and four inches tall. You can buy tiny ornamental McQueens for the cost of two movie tickets, but you didn’t actually think you could score real McQueens for less than the price of your first born did you? To illustrate just how little $25 gets you in the insane world of designer clothing, we’ve dug up some other high-priced designer garments, to show you how much of an item you actually might be able to afford on a regular budget.
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