The Town Of Florence Declares War On “Jersey Shore”

Pauly D and The Situation arrived at the airport last week with their bags packed, ready to head to Florence, Italy, to film season four of “Jersey Shore.” But they were told to hang tight as production has been postponed for a second time. (It was postponed the first time around as the cast held out for more lucrative contracts.) Apparently, Italians aren’t too hyped about hosting our favorite fist-pumpers. First, the mayor of Florence, Matteo Renzi, drew up a list of rules for the cast: they cannot be filmed in bars. They cannot drink in public. They cannot portray Florence as a drinking town. And they can only positively feature Italian culture.

But now he’s getting more antagonistic. The town of Florence has revoked many of the show’s shooting permits, including at many Florence landmarks like the Uffizi gallery and Palazzo Vecchio.

This sounds like a bad idea for me. If you don’t want the cast to portray Florence as a drinking town, you should probably give them some other stuff to do. Watching the crew go sight-seeing could be funny. I can just imagine Snooki and JWoww discussing the size of David’s marble member. Let’s just say it’s not a watermelon. [PopEater]