Gross Talk: Post-Nasal Drip Is Driving Me Insane

I consider myself lucky because for the better part of 31+ years, I have lived a relatively allergy-free life. But that good fortune also means that when I suddenly found myself responding badly to the uptick of pollen in the spring air I could not shut the f**k up about suddenly having allergies. Seriously, I have been a huge baby for the last two weeks, whining incessantly about the pain in my sinuses, the never-ending snot clogging my nostrils, and the disgusting post-nasal drip tickling at the back of my throat. I’ve been moaning about it on Twitter, in my Facebook status updates, and to anyone who will listen, including my poor neighbors who have no doubt tired of hearing me snort and hack phlegm. My saving grace has been the Neti pot, a little teapot like device that you use to pour warm salty water through one nostril and out the other. Chances are, many of you are thinking to yourself, Why the hell is Amelia explaining what a Neti pot is? I already know what a Neti pot is because it has been my saving grace my whole life, that is how ingenious this thing is. (Or you think Neti pots are awful and can’t use them, as it does feel kind of awkward.) Some people are addicted to cocaine or alcohol, but I am pretty sure I need to wear a Neti pot monitor on my ankle because I am using it so much.

I am feeling better today, but the post-nasal drip persists and, y’all, it is disgusting. All I want is to hock up a big ol’ gummy glob of mucus and call it a day, but all the snorting and hacking seems to be for naught. Help, allergy-plagued Frisky readers! Share your allergy woes, tips, and tricks in the comments.