A Few Of My Favorite Things: Deana From Green With Glamour

Deana is the super cool lady behind Living Green with Glamour. “It’s essentially a lifestyle blog devoted to all things sublime and ‘sustainable’ — whether that’s an organic lip balm, a vintage YSL handbag, a recipe for Vegan Bahn Mi or the best new pieces in eco-fashion and home décor,” explains Deana. “I have a handful of writers who contribute, including Justin Bieber’s hairstylist (go figure), an arty, bohemian husband and wife foodie team, a TV producer with a proclivity for vintage clothing and a Southern belle obsessed with DIY… but I do write most of the posts and edit everything else. The crux of my life’s manifesto is that absolutely no sacrifice in style needs to be made to have an environmentally, humanely and animal-friendly lifestyle.” Check out Deana’s favorite things after the jump!

Deana’s Favorite Things
The “Colette” dress by Koch: An exciting, new line out of Dallas. We just got it in for early Spring and I’m already wearing it! Blazer and high boots now … mile-high wedges and a smile once the weather’s warmer. It’s oh-so-flattering, of organic cotton and a total head turner … win-win-win!
Night Covers by The Watson Twins: I can’t stop listening to it! The Twins’ dreamy, soulful voices covering a brilliant array of unexpected songs (everyone from Sade to The Black Keys) makes for the perfect mood music.
Tokyo wedges by Olsen Haus: This one almost surprises me… I’m typically more of a classicist when it comes to shoe design. Give me a ballerina flat or a jute-covered heel any day, but I can’t take my eyes off of these babies! Not only are they vegan (imperative to me), but they’re bold whilst still being beautiful. I think that’s a rare combo to come by these days.
The Polo Lounge at The Beverly Hills Hotel: This place has been one of my favorite spots for over a decade, but after two years of my pestering, they have several organic vodkas and gins. The vibe is upscale, but easy … the sun is shining again on their beautiful patio … and the valets treat my old, veggie oil Benz with as much respect as the brand new Bentleys that surround it.
And I’m shamelessly including the handbag I designed for GWG: But only because I’m truly obsessed with it. Each season the textile changes, but the design stays the same (if it ain’t broke, right?). For this spring, I went with a vintage, dead stock cotton from the 70s. I love the juxtaposition of the weird pattern with the fairly serious colors. I don’t wear a lot of prints, so carrying a zesty Clutch is the perfect dose of pattern for me.