Uma Thurman And Rachel Bilson In Awkward New Commercials

Stars do commercials all the time. But something makes me just a touch sad when a star whose light bulb has dimmed—that’s the nice way of saying that they haven’t booked a big role in a bit—does a commercial. Case in point, this new Uma Thurman ad for Schweppes. I get that she’s trying to go over-the-top in the overacting department, but something about her performance in this is just creepy and weird. Especially, the way she awkwardly pours the soda into her mouth so as not to mess up her lipstick. I think she and director David LaChapelle can do better.

The Rachel Bilson ad for Magnum ice cream, after the jump, is a little better.

Magnum is available for the first time in the US, and to celebrate, the company got Bilson to climb out of her car in an adorable dress, and prance across the other cars stopped in traffic to get to an ice cream truck. But what’s up with the bizarre blast of wind as she takes a bite?

Sigh. To better roles for both these awesome actresses soon.