“Celebrity Wife Swap” Is Going To Happen

“Celebrity Wife Swap” is going to happen, people: ABC is currently casting celebs for six episodes of “Wife Swap,” the show where two families trade moms and lifestyles for a week. We can probably expect “Celebrity Wife Swap” to be similar—just thinner, richer and most likely more crazy. I’ve watched episodes of “Wife Swap” here and there for years, despite always hating it: the idea that a wife or a mother is an interchangeable unit of the family sits uncomfortably with me. The confrontations at the end of the show also often turn into vicious critiques of the participants’ mothering capabilities — and not necessarily in a constructive way, like when Jo Frost teaches elementary child-rearing techniques on “Supernanny.”

Also, the Heene family — remember the Ballon Boy fiasco? — originally appeared on “Wife Swap,” so clearly no good can come of this. Hmm, maybe Balloon Boy’s family now qualifies for the “celebrity” edition? They would admittedly be less awful to watch than Victoria Jackson, who hinted she’s been talking with the casting directors about possibly being on the show. To remind you, she’s the “Saturday Night Live” alum whose been in the gossip pages lately for slamming gays and Muslims and calling “Glee”‘s gay kiss “sickening.” [Deadline Hollywood]