6 TV Show Concepts For Rachel McAdams

Oh, how we love Rachel McAdams. So we were pretty pumped when we read that she recently said of doing a cameo in “Sherlock Holmes 2,” “It was nice to revisit. It’s why I’ve always thought I would like to do television. You get really intimate with your character. Often with film, I find that you’re just really getting to know a person. They’re just starting to sink in, and then you wrap the film. So, it was nice to get to bring her back and have time to meditate on her a bit more. I liked that exercise.” How exciting would it be to get a weekly dose of Rachel on the small screen? Woo hoo! [PopWrap]

To make this dream into a reality, we’ve brainstormed some show concepts for her. Rachel, feel free to take these to the production company of your choosing.

  1. A sitcom where Rachel moves to Minneapolis and lands a job writing for the local news station. It’s one half “Mary Tyler Moore” and one half “Morning Glory.” And all genius.
  2. A hospital drama where Rachel is a doctor who cures everyone’s ailments by singing to them. Only she has to make it look like she actually practices medicine.
  3. Since Rachel did high school beyotch so effectively in “Mean Girls,” we’re thinking a drama where she plays a total snob. When she loses her high powered finance job in the recession, she moves home and becomes the girls basketball coach at her old school. The girls teach her to love again.
  4. A police procedural where Rachel is a detective gifted a supersonic sense of smell that she uses to solve crimes.
  5. Or a a psuedo-reality series about a rabid fan stalking Ryan Gosling. The twist being that Rachel—rather than a total stranger—plays the stalker. [Is this show based on me? — Editor]
  6. A sitcom where Rachel is psychic and uses her powers to help people find “the one.” With hilariously off results, of course.

What show would you love to see Rachel in?