12 Real Life Celebrity Couples Cast As A Duo Onscreen

real life john and kelly jpg
Gotti: Three Generations” is turning into quite the family affair. John Travolta signed on to play John Gotti Sr. a while back, but guess who has now landed the role of his wife, Victoria Gotti? Yep, none other than Kelly Preston. Want to place any wagers on who will play their daughter? Wow, you are good at this—the couple’s real life lil bit, Ella Bleu. The movie’s producer is happy to have the whole family onboard in their respective roles. “The love and passion between John and Kelly will bring a huge benefit to John Sr. and his wife, and to tell you the truth, they have a lot in common,” he said. “They both lost a child at a young age and they understand what the Gottis went through when the Gottis lost their child.” [People]

So many celebrity couples have met while filming a movie. But after the jump, we take a look at the pairs who were already together in real life when they were cast as lovers onscreen.

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