10 Celebrities Who Married The Same Person Twice

second marie and stephen jpg
Marie Osmond has tied the knot. Er, retied the knot. In 1982, she married a Brigham Young basketball player by the name of Stephen Craig and they had a son together before splitting three years later. A second marriage and seven kids later, Marie and Stephen reconnected. And last night, they married for a second time in a small ceremony at the Las Vegas Mormon Temple. Marie even wore the exact same wedding dress. “These two people are right for each other,” her brother Donny explained. “My sister is so happy.” While info on why Marie and Stephen broke up originally and how they reconnected is scant, I find this story incredibly sweet. Here’s hoping they make it the second time. [People]

I’m also fascinated because it seems that famous people have a habit of marrying the same person twice. After the jump, other examples.

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