Ask The Man Panel: Alexander Wang Leather Mini-Shorts

There is a commercial that plays often in the New York area for a local, super upscale, chic-chic bowling alley. In the commercial there’s a pretty girl wearing hot-ass leather shorts and a high-collared shirt going on a bowling date with a very attractive floppy-haired dude and I always think, Wow, that bowling alley is really going for the cool hipster contingent. And then I think that perhaps that term has been angled and destroyed and co-opted by the mainstream so much that it’s actually meaningless. And then I think: I really need to turn off the TV. Anyway! These Alexander Wang leather mini-shorts with lapel pockets pretty much approximate the ones the cute girl in the commercial wears, but will these shorts land you a floppy-haired man of your dreams? All signs point to … the Man Panel. Click to see their thoughts after the jump!Ryan, 32: Two envelopes. One contains my first check to PETA. The other has my pitch to Hooters for a roadhouse-themed spinoff restaurant.

Dr. Rob, 33: Nice. A whoopie cushion with leg holes.

Micah, 32: “That Wang made leather mini-shorts for the gals, makes my wang is thankful it’s not for men. Good luck in the humidity ladies.

Mike, 32: S&M Diaper. Leather isn’t that absorbent, so try to remember your safe word.

Adil, 25: Whoa, leather diapers.

Jeff, 33: Gross. If it’s hot enough to be wearing shorts, it’s too hot to be wearing leather. P.S. They are ugly.

Dylan, 28: Fit for: 1) Geriatric rockstars, 2) Austrian bondage moms and 3) No one else.

Jeffery, 30: Leather pantaloon cut-offs.

Justin, 32: Nothing feels better in a heatwave than leather on your vagina.