An Imagined Conversation With This Model

Me: So … rough night?

Model: Not really.

Me: Are you sure? Did you go camping? Were you chased out of the wilderness by a bear?Model: No, why do you ask?

Me: Mostly because you’re wearing a sleeping bag.

Model: Oh, this? No, no, no, this is part of my outfit. See, it’s like a coat, but better.

Me: Better as in it has no sleeves and it weighs, like, six pounds?

Model: Exactly.

Me: I’m confused.

Model: It’s a great low-maintenance option. You just grab it and go.

Me: So you just throw it over your shoulders and, like, go to the movies?

Model: Sure, or a picnic. Or a slumber party. It’s awesome.

Me: I guess that is kind of awesome. No pants required either?

Model: Nope. I’ve found that pants tend to complicate things.

Me: That’s the best life motto I’ve ever heard.

Model: It’s easy to find clarity when you forgo pants and walk around draped in a goose down blanket.

Me: I might need to adopt this lifestyle.

Model: Grab yourself a sleeping bag and we’ll talk.