The Situation Is Getting His Own Show On MTV

Lord, what have we done? Am I not tithing enough? Am I too mean to my mother? Is this because I kicked my parents’ dog when he was begging under the table during Easter dinner? Why, oh why, has The Situation been given his own TV show? Mike Sorrentino has signed a series development deal with MTV and will start filming later this year. Although no plans are specific yet, no good can come of this. Imagine all that booze-infused date rape-y douchiness distilled into one show.
Sitch is the third “Jersey Shore” cast member to break out with his own show. I can’t wait for Snooki and JWoww’s show, which they have already begun to film. Pauly D’s show is kinda pushing it. But this new series is one situation I cannot abide. [Variety]