Shania Twain Explains Why She Blames The Other Woman More Than Her Husband For Her Divorce

“I cannot hold my husband responsible for the breakdown of our marriage. I’m responsible for that also. The fact that the marriage broke down is nobody’s fault—that’s just a mutual breakdown of communication between two people. But with Marie-Anne, she was my best friend and it was like, ‘Oh, isn’t life great.’ She kept reestablishing that right until the very last minute. Even when I did finally know and confronted her, it was like she didn’t know what I was talking about. Maybe that’s a natural reaction for someone who just got caught with their pants down … Who has the right to decide how my marriage ends from outside the marriage?”

—Shania Twain talked to Oprah yesterday about finding out that her husband Robert Lange was having an affair with her best friend and assistant, Marie-Anne Thiebaud, and said that in many ways, she holds Marie-Anne more accountable than Robert. It’s the first time that Shania has given an interview about what exactly went down, including how she turned to Marie-Anne’s estranged husband, Frédéric Thiebaud, in the aftermath of her divorce and ended up falling in love with him. Those two crazy kids got married in January.

After the jump, more about what Shania went though.

“I just wanted to go to bed and never get up… I was dying—but I had to get out of bed because I had a young son going to school every day. I had to act… I figured mentally I would never sing again. I also lost my producer and co-writer of 14 years. I haven’t written a song without this man in 14 years… By not understanding and knowing the details, your imagination is left to run wild. You start conjuring up all of these things. I never got the details. I phone Marie-Anne of course and did everything I could to get the details out of her and she changed her number and that was it.”

In better news, Shania also shared that she is working with a doctor to overcome her vocal chord issues and plans to come out of retirement soon. Yee haw to that.