What’s Your Most Dreaded Item To Shop For?

Yesterday, my friend Katelyn and I were walking around downtown Portland when I spotted a pair of ballet flats sitting on a sidewalk sale table. They were black patent leather with blue sequin details and, best of all, they had been marked down to 10 bucks. I scanned the stacks of boxes for a size 7, found one, slipped them on, loved them, and bought them. The time that elapsed between me squealing, “Look at those cute shoes over there!” to me owning those cute shoes over there was approximately 30 seconds. As I skipped out of the store with the shoebox tucked under my arm, I looked over at Katelyn who was shaking her head in disbelief…

My body type makes shopping for jeans slightly less enjoyable than getting a root canal while watching “Jersey Shore.”

You see, Katelyn is a statuesque beauty with legs for miles. She can walk into any store, grab a dress off the rack, and look like a page from a Vogue editorial. She also wears a size 12 shoe, which means shoe shopping, for her, is an exercise in disappointment and frustration. “I could never, ever buy shoes like that,” she said. “That store didn’t even stock any shoes above a size 10!”

And while this was an especially serendipitous shoe purchase, shopping for shoes has always been fun and easy for me. I have pretty standard shaped feet in a popular size, so finding fun styles and good prices takes very little effort. This is why I have approximately 3 billion pairs of shoes. Adversely, my body type (short with an ample belly) makes shopping for jeans slightly less enjoyable than getting a root canal while watching “Jersey Shore.”

I said, “Katelyn, I haven’t bought a new pair of jeans in three years. This is how the universe evens things out.”

So how about you — do dresses always fit you right off the rack? Would you rather die than go shopping for button-up blouses? Tell us your favorite — and least favorite — things to shop for in the comments!

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