Nene Leakes Tests Star Jones’ Street Skills On “Celebrity Apprentice”

Celebrity Apprentice” has been hyping this girl fight between Nene Leakes and Star Jones all season. I’ve been watching and waiting, but was starting to think it was never going to happen. But OH. It went down on Sunday night. Nene went totally batty on Star in front of Donald Trump and the Biosilk/Chi executive. Awkward! Cringeworthy! My thoughts, after the jump. While I feel that Nene picked the wrong place and the wrong time to confront Star, I did get a little kick out of seeing Star so terrified. She’s a good player, but she’s been on my nerves all season. The woman thinks she s**ts rainbows and somebody needed to put her in her place. Nene definitely has a crazy button that I wouldn’t want to turn on, but at least you know where you stand with her. (Ex: her fight with Kim Zolciak over the “Sweetie as slave” comment.) The interesting thing is that it became this battle of — and I use their words — “street” vs. “educated black woman.” I look forward to seeing which one of these ladies is left standing at the end.

What did you think of the fight?