Klondike Sells Ice Cream, Sexist Gender Stereotypes

“What color shall we paint the foyer?” is a boring conversation, no doubt. But does Klondike really have to portray listening to one’s wife talk for five whole seconds as a trial for a man? I get it: the game is on, he doesn’t care about the color, he’s trying to be polite. He deserves an ice cream! I guess portraying adult men as overgrown toddlers with no attention span pushes products?

After the jump, another Klondike commercial in which men — gasp! — are affectionate towards one another:

Again, I get it: biker dudes are rough and gruff and manly. And they’re holding hands. “Real men” don’t do that. Comedy at it’s finest, right?

Using sexist stereotypes in advertising is so, so tired. Guys, don’t you find these kinds of ads offensive? [Feministing]