Debate This: Advertising For Love On Facebook

Matt Simpson of Tempe, Arizona is willing to go the distance to find the woman of his dreams online. Because he finds dating sites to be overcrowded and shallow cesspools where women get bombarded, he decided to take a more original approach to increase his odds of finding love. At a cost of $0.75 a click, Matt started his own Facebook ad campaign in which he describes himself as an “active, aware 30-something seeking a balanced woman like you.” He set his campaign to target women whose profiles indicate an interest in yoga, meditation, and New Age books. You can click on his ad to be sent directly to a profile where you learn more about Matt. I just checked out his profile and … oh … wait. I think I recognize him. We grew up in the same town. Did we go to high school together? Gonna have to pull out my yearbook and take a look. Anyhow, I applaud Matt’s efforts to find a long-term partner. A Facebook ad campaign may be perceived as wee bit desperate but why not? When you think about it, it’s not that much different than online dating.

So what do you think? Yay or nay on Facebook love ads? Tell us your thoughts in the comments. [Mashable]