Where Will Kate Middleton And Prince William Honeymoon?

Prince William and Kate Middleton will honeymoon on a 10-day vacation somewhere in the Indian Ocean that will cost $6,600 per night, the Daily Mail has hinted. Because how do you top a wedding watched by two billion people around the world? With a balls-to-the-wall honeymoon, of course. The exact location of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s honeymoon is said to be known by the gossip press, but is being kept a secret out of respect for the couple — in part because Kate reportedly does not know the exact location herself! According to the Daily Mail, Kate can look forward to “luxury villas” on “white sand beaches,” with “a butler on hand in every villa” and “a personal chef,” as well as “crystal-clear turquoise waters” and “a sanctuary for sea turtles.” JEALOUS. Scotland Yard has already checked out the remote, “Robinson Crusoe”-like locale to ensure complete isolation for the royal couple — which, frankly, they deserve after all this hullaballoo. Wherever it is, Kate and William’s honeymoon won’t be for another two weeks; Wills already took one week off from work as a military pilot for his wedding and his bosses told him he had to split up his vacation time. I guess even princes need to ask for PTO, too!

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