What Are You A Sucker For?

This morning, instead of brewing my own coffee as I normally do, I decided to go out and get a cup. I felt like taking a walk and clearing my head. At 7:45 a.m., still half-asleep, I made the executive decision to go out in mismatched clothing, my hair unbrushed, and last night’s mascara still on. Not to snark on myself, but I wasn’t looking my best. I ordered my coffee and the cute guy behind the counter was starting at me. I looked away as I was sure he was horrified by my raccoon eye. I became self conscious. But then he said something that surprised me.“May I just say that you look beautiful this morning,” he said.

I started blushing like crazy. I dropped a dollar bill in his tip jar. Either this man was the most charming barista alive or he was really working it for tips. As if he heard my thoughts, he added, “I didn’t say it for the tip.”

I suppressed an urge to jump over the counter and kiss him, just for being so sweet and complimenting me in just the right way at the right moment. Instead, I smiled and walked out thinking about what a damn sucker I am for the “B” word. I really can’t resist it. Any guy (within reason) says it to me (in a non-creepy way) and I am insta-goo. Ok, my secret’s out. I want to know what you’re a total sucker for. What turns your into a quivering mush pile in an instant? Please share in the comments.