Today’s Lady News: Girl Scouts Help Develop A Prosthetic Hand For 3-Year-Old Girl

  • A Girl Scout troop in Iowa, who calls themselves the Flying Monkeys, helped develop a prosthetic hand for a disabled three-year-old girl named Danielle. Geez, I wonder what kind of badge they earned for that! [The Mary Sue]
  • A straight Republican by the name of Madeleine Koch, age 24, spoke out on against Minnesota’s impending gay marriage ban in this touching video. [Buzzfeed]
  • Osama bin Laden hid behind women — i.e. a female body shield — in the firefight that eventually took his life because he’s classy like that. Really, why not newborn babies? [Reuters]

  • Anna Holmes, blogger and founder of, takes Donald Trump’s sexism to task in this great piece in The Washington Post. [WaPo]
  • Texas’ state Senate has advanced a bill that requires a woman to watch and listen to a sonogram before having an abortion. If she refuses to watch or listen, the doctor must describe to her in detail what’s on the sonogram based on what he or she can see onscreen. She then must wait 24 hours before having the abortion, unless she lives more than 100 miles away from the clinic. Utter and complete BS. []
  • Maine’s Judiciary Committee is set to examine three abortion-related bills tomorrow, including one which would impose a 24-hour waiting period on abortions. [Sea Coast Online]
  • A fancy Facebook graph tells us just how, exactly, the genders break down when describing themselves as comic book fans. [The Mary Sue]
  • Frisky contributer Chloe Angyal was lucky enough to hear Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor speak at Princeton this weekend! Here’s her account. [Feministing]
  • Should black designers only cast black runway models? [Clutch Magazine]
  • Meet 16-year-old Tanesa Patterson, a young designer who is making 35 lucky girls prom dresses for free! [The Grio]


  • British Prime Minister David Cameron reportedly wants to ban same-sex kisses from television before 9 p.m. to protect the children or something. [ONTD, Daily Mail UK]