Katy Perry Sues Mag Over Claim She Had Affair With Producer

So many ridonkulous things are said about celebrities on a daily basis that their normal course of action is just to ignore. But every now and then, a magazine or website publishes a story that pisses off a celebrity so much that they decide to sue. For Katy Perry, Australian gossip rag New Weekly Magazine crossed the line when they ran a story alleging that she cheated on her new hubby Russell Brand with her producer, Benny Blanco. The article they ran gave very little in the way of proof. All it did was quote one of Katy’s former friends, Angela Summers, who said Katy liked to flirt with wild-haired Benny. “Katy has grown closer and closer to Benny Blanco over the last year,” Angela explained. “Katy loves to flirt with everybody, but when she’s around Benny she gets extra flirty and only has eyes for him. She told me that she loves the fact he makes time for her whenever she needs him.”

This so-called friend of Katy’s went on to say that she’d seen the two of them kiss.

Only, Katy says all of this isn’t true. And beyond that, she has no idea who Angela Summers is. When the magazine declined to print a retraction, she decided to sue. “The plaintiff has been gravely injured in her reputation and feelings [and] has suffered distress, embarrassment and humiliation,” her suit reads.

What do you think—is Katy right to take legal action, or should she have just let this one go?

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