Jesse Eisenberg’s Mom Was A Birthday Party Clown

“She didn’t do my parties. That would have been strange. What she would do would be to barter with a local magician, so she’d do the magician’s kids’ parties for free. Although the magician cost a little more, so we had to give him a pie as well. To make it an equal transaction. Anyway, as you might imagine, she’s very supportive of the arts. A lot of the things I do are so ridiculous, but not at all compared with what she’s done. So that’s nice … she knows what it’s like to put yourself out there and make yourself vulnerable in order to entertain.”

Ever wondered why Jesse Eisenberg is so adorably dorky and awkward? Growing up with a mother who worked as a birthday party clown probably had something to do with it. This makes me love him even more. [Guardian UK]