Jesse Eisenberg’s Mom Was A Birthday Party Clown

“She didn’t do my parties. That would have been strange. What she would do would be to barter with a local magician, so she’d do the magician’s kids’ parties for free. Although the magician cost a little more, so we had to give him a pie as well. To make it an equal transaction. Anyway, as you might imagine, she’s very supportive of the arts. A lot of the things I do are so ridiculous, but not at all compared with what she’s done. So that’s nice … she knows what it’s like to put yourself out there and make yourself vulnerable in order to entertain.”

— Ever wondered why Jesse Eisenberg is so adorably dorky and awkward? Growing up with a mother who worked as a birthday party clown probably had something to do with it. This makes me love him even more. [Guardian UK]