Every Itty Bitty Detail You’ll Want To Know About Kate Middleton & Prince William’s Wedding

“You look stunning, babe.”

That’s what Prince William supposedly said to Kate Middleton as she joined him at the altar of Westminster Abbey. And stunning she did look. Now, I know you want to know all the details about Kate’s wedding dress, tiara, makeup, and shoes, as well as what everyone else wore to the blessed event!

Oh, and can I get an “Amen, this thing is finally over!”?

  • Kate’s gown is designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen: “sheer, cream-lace arms and a V-neckline over a form-fitting bodice.” Very Grace Kelly, very traditional, very elegent. The lace pattern on her dress is called Irish Carrickmacross, “an ornate appliqué form of hand-made lace that was made for her using a combination French Chantilly lace and English Cluny lace. Carrickmacross lace is an Irish embroidery tradition that dates to 1820,” according to Vanity Fair. Kate wore hand-made Alexander McQueen shoes, “made of ivory duchesse satin and hand-embroidered by the Royal School of Needlework. According to the official royal-wedding website, the needlework-school craftsmen who handled the lace fabrics in Middleton’s gown and accessories “washed their hands every 30 minutes.” Oh my! [Vanity Fair]
  • Kate’s tiara — she has a tiara!!! — was a Cartier halo tiara, lent to her by the Queen. It was made in 1936 for the Queen’s mother, who gave it to the Queen on her 18th birthday. [Vanity Fair]
  • Kate’s earrings were custom-made by Robinson Pelham and based on the new Middleton family crest, which the family received in anticipation of the wedding. Robinson Pelham designed Pippa Middleton’s earrings, too. [Vanity Fair]
  • Kate’s bouquet of myrtle, lily-of-the-valley, sweet William and hyacinth was designed by Shane Connolly and “draws on the traditions of flowers of significance for the Royal Family, the Middleton family and on the Language of Flowers,” according to the royal wedding’s website. The flowers’ meanings are “lily-of-the-valley = return of happiness,” “sweet William = gallantry,” “hyacinth = constancy of love,” “ivy = fidelity, marriage, wedded love, friendship, affection” and “myrtle: the emblem of marriage, love.” [Official Royal Wedding 2011]
  • Kate wore a combination of Bourjois no 28 Rose Lounge and Essie 423 Allure polish on her nails. She used Camilla’s personal manicurist, Marina Sandoval from the Jo Hansford hair salon in Mayfair. [Daily Mail UK]
  • Kate’s wedding dress designer, Sarah Burton for McQueen, snuck into London’s Goring Hotel last night wearing a giant fur hat to obscure her face! Last minute fitting? [Daily Mail UK]
  • “You look stunning, babe” — that’s what a lipreader says Prince William said to Kate when she joined him at the altar of Westminster Abbey, adding, “Yes, it looks fantastic, it’s beautiful.” He also joked to his father-in-law, Michael Middleton, at the altar, “We’re supposed to have just a small family affair.”
  • What did Harry say to William at the altar? One lipreader says when Kate arrived at Westminster Abbey, Harry turned around to peek at her and said to William, “Right, she is here now.” But I prefer the other lipreader who says Harry whispered to Will, “Wait ’til you see her.” [Telegraph UK, Lainey Gossip]
  • The Queen wore “Angela Kelly-designed single crepe wool primrose dress with hand-sewn beading at the neck in the shape of sunrays.” [Daily Mail UK]
  • Carole Middleton, mother of the bride, wore a sky blue Catherine Walker ‘Sydney’ day dress and “a blue wool crepe coatdress with matching satin piping and braid trimming at the waist and cuff.” [Daily Mail UK]
  • Kate’s “naughty uncle” Gary Goldsmith — who was filmed in 2009 allegedly taking cocaine and bragging about his royal connections — wore “a pink shirt with light-grey three-piece suit and a black top hat.” [Daily Mail UK]
  • Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice’s hats looked ridiculous and that’s all I’m saying about that. [Vanity Fair]
  • These are the young bridesmaids/flower girls and their ages. No meltdowns from the toddlers. I’m impressed! [Lucky Magazine]
  • Chelsy Davy — Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend who was invited to the wedding, possibly as his date — wore “an aqua green Alberta Ferretti skirt and off-the-shoulder jacket with a bow at the back” and a hat by milliner Victoria Grant. [Daily Mail UK]
  • Victoria Beckham a.k.a. Posh Spice wore a dress of her own design and a hat by Philip Treacy. She’s rocking stilettos even though she’s seven months pregnant. (Only Posh would do that!) David Beckham wore Ralph Lauren. [Styleite]
  • Also, that horsedrawn carriage ride? Kate is allergic to horses. Hope she popped a Claritin. [Daily Mail UK]
  • The couple composed their own wedding prayer. You can read the full text here. [Telegraph UK]
  • The Queen made William the Duke of Cambridge to honor nuptials, which means Kate Middleton is a princess as well as a Duchess. William also became the Earl of Strathearn and Baron Carrickfergus, making Kate the Countess of Strathearn and Baroness Carrickfergus. Technically she is not “Princess Catherine” because she was not born a princess. Instead, her formal title is Princess William of Wales. [Vanity Fair, Daily Mail Uk]
  • Only 43 people were arrested during the royal wedding — primarily, it seems, a group of anarchists that arose suspicion among police. [Guardian UK]
  • The tiny bridesmaid frowning while Prince William and Kate kissed in front of millions at Buckingham Palace? That’s Grace Van Cutsem. She’s three years old and the goddaughter of Prince William. And when she hears loud noises, she covers her ears with her hands. [Vanity Fair]
  • Check out a pic of Kate and William’s cake! Also, their wedding guests are eating something called “bubble and squeak.” [Vanity Fair]
  • And let’s not forget … Prince Harry: still single, still hot. [Guest Of A Guest]

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