Beauty Gross Out Time: What Nasty Thing Do You Do?

Yesterday, in preparation of my first bare-legs day since last fall, I shaved my legs. I don’t like body hair so I shave my legs even in the winter. But yesterday, as I was about to de-fuzz the first strip of leg, I realized that I haven’t changed my razor in more than a year. Yuck! I’ve been using the same razor since before the summer of 2010! The razor was an expensive drugstore brand and actually still performs its hair removal duties without causing nicks and cuts. But I have to admit it wasn’t meant to last this long. And as I looked closer at it, I realized the stains on the handle that I ignored for so long were actually mildew. That calls for a double yuck! So even though I don’t like change, I’m going to buy a new razor today and chuck Old Faithful in the trash … but I will miss her because she served me so well. And I promise to never go this long without replacing my razor again.

What’s your nasty beauty habit that will gross us out? Tell us in the comments.