Ask The Man Panel: Marchesa’s Origami Dress

Marchesa is known for creating pleasantly unique dresses, and this origami-pleated silk dress is no exception. Currently on sale for a mere $1,115, we had to get the Man Panel’s take on this avant-garde item. Read on for their always honest — and often hilarious — opinions…
Alec, 25: I kinda like it in a Tim Burton Batman Prince kinda way.

Damien, 34: I must say I’m impressed. It’s really ballsy to take a laundry tragedy involving superglue and a lack of dryer sheets and turn it into a fashion piece.

Henry, 27: I actually thought this dress looked pretty cool until I saw the tag. Even on sale, I could easily buy a pair of iPad 2’s for the same price.

Devin, 21: An “origami for the blind” reference comes to mind.

Billy, 34: My first thought was, “Am I in a Max Headroom video?” My second thought was, “Hey, it’s 65-percent off and I am always a fan of a sale.”

Nick, 25: I actually really like the look of this dress, there’s just one thing about it I can’t get over. It feels like if I got too close to the person wearing it they would stick their hands in the “origami claws” and try to poke my eyes out.

Chris, 29: Swapping out the origami for some good ol’ paper planes would give that neckline some much needed lift. .. Hey-ooooooo!

Cory, 24: I once tried to make an origami swan at a nice restaurant. If you were to take my multiple failed attempts and superglue them to a black cocktail dress, it would make more sense than this dress.

Kyle, 22: I’d say Cruella DeVille would look pretty hot in this, no?

Paul, 31: I think if Vera Wang started doing a lot of meth, covered her windows in tin foil and started ordering dozens of origami books from Amazon, this would be the end result.

Doug, 22: This totally reminds me of when I was a kid and had an origami calendar. I don’t think a dress should remind me of my childhood calendar.

Adam, 35: I’ve seen better origami from disgraced birthday clowns blowing balloon animals for nickels in the subway.