10 Celebs Who Really, Really Want To Do Playboy

want cherie johnson jpg
Remember Cherie Johnson? Well, of course you do—if not by name, then by face. She played Cherie (guess the writers liked her real name?) on “Punky Brewster” (remember how she wore belts across her forehead?) and Maxine on “Family Matters.” These days, Cherie has a new dream. She is dying to pose nude for Playboy. “I have been threatening my family that I was going to do Playboy since I was 18 years old,” she said. “When my mom said, ‘Okay’ … and my grandma said, ‘Bring me an autographed copy,’ I figured I’d make it a goal.” Yes, why not? [NY Daily News]

After the jump, more folks who want to take it all off for Playboy.

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