Lindsay Lohan Talks Abour Her Jail Sentence, Future Oscar On “The Tonight Show”

On Monday, after finding out that she’d been sentenced to 120 days in jail and 480 hours of community service, including a large chunk brandishing a broom at the Los Angeles County morgue, Lindsay Lohan rolled by “The Tonight Show” for an interview. The audience had been expecting Kristin Chenoweth, so when the much more scandaltastic LiLo appeared, they gave her a standing ovation. In the interview, which aired last night, Jay Leno asked her all about her recent woes. Lindsay said that her sentence was “shocking” and had “left me numb.”

But she also stressed that she sees this as merely a hurdle. “I’ve made a lot of poor decisions in the past and I’m dealing with the consequences of those decisions,” she said. “But I’m a fighter. I know that I have to work to gain the respect back and I’m willing to do the work I need to do to follow through with being an actress. That’s what I love.”

So how did she end up here?

“Being young and being in the position I was in, you don’t take the time to appreciate what you have. It’s all kind of a whirlwind,” Lindsay said, explaining her bad behavior.

But she hopes to turn things around after completing her sentence. She confirmed that her first project on her docket is playing Kim Gotti—not Victoria as expected—in the upcoming movie, “Gotti: The Generations,” which begins shooting in the fall. And Lindsay has high hopes for her career.

“As long as I stay focused, I’ll be able to achieve what I want to achieve,” she said. “[In five years, I’ll] hopefully [be] sitting here after I’ve won an Oscar. That would be ideal.”

Well, if not, she could probably fair well in a prison beauty pageant.

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