Bank Robbers Caught After Bragging On Facebook

When two robbers held up the two tellers working at a small bank in Houston in late March, wearing masks from the dollar store and brandishing toy guns, it looked pretty normal — for a robbery — on the security cameras. The robbers made off with $62K in loot in total. Two days later, one of the tellers—Estefany Martinez—posted on her Facebook page “IM RICH BITCH.” Shortly after, her boyfriend Ricky Gonzalez changed his status to, “WIPE MY TEETH WITH HUNDEREDS.” That lead police to believe the two might have teamed up for the heist. Authorities have now charged Estefany and her teller friend Anna Margarita Rivera with orchestrating a plot to have Estefany’s boyfriend and Anna’s brother faux rob them up, then split the cash four ways. Apparently, the two women made sure they were the only ones working the day of the robbery. When the robbers entered the bank, they feigned fright for the cameras, and followed standard protocol of including a tracking device with the money. They then had the guys ditch the device once they were out of the door. The group might actually have gotten away with the robbery if it weren’t for the Facebook bragging. Another brilliant status update from Ricky read, “U HAVE TO PAST THE LINE SOMETIMES!! TO GET DIS MONEY!!”

All this goes to show that if you’re going to commit a crime, don’t talk about it on Facebook. Also, bad grammar won’t get you far.

[Houston Chronicle]

Photo: iStockphoto/ThinkStock