A Few Of My Favorite Things: Alissa From Stylish Curves Blog

Alissa from the blog Stylish Curves aims to “bridge the gap between straight and plus sizes.” Alissa wanted to create a place “where plus size women can come to find the latest fashion and style in their size. It’s a blog that’s dedicated to uplifting the plus size woman’s self-esteem through fashion. Whether you’re happy to be plus or you’re looking for a way to start appreciating your curves, I want to show women that they can get the same style as celebrities and as straight size women.” Explains Alissa, “The blog’s motto is Love Your Body,” and that’s something women of any size can get behind. Check out Alissa’s favorite things after the jump!

Alissa’s Favorite Things
’70s Fashion: I love that jumpsuits, flare leg jeans, floppy hats, and soft frilly blouses are returning again. The ’70s have always been my favorite decade because of the music, the fashion, and the countless cultural movements. Plus I have a major girl crush on Pam Grier. She just exuded confidence and sexiness. I’m hoping to score a snazzy jumpsuit like hers.
Color Block Heels: I love bright colors and I love to mix and match them. For spring I’m all about color blocked heels. They are perfect for spicing up any outfit. I’m seriously obsessed with finding these purple suede pumps from Jessica Simpson’s spring collection — they’re sold out everywhere.
“Big Love”: I’m so obsessed with this show. I’m sad that this was the last season because I’m going to miss the Hendrickson family with all their craziness. This show has truly helped me to see that no matter your family dynamic there will always be drama and no family is perfect. You have to stick together through the good and the bad times.
Ginger and Liz Nail Polish: I’m a big fan of this nail polish brand because of all the rich hues that are perfect for brown skin girls like me. My favorite color is Big Daddy Cane. It’s a red color mixed with sparkles. I have been wearing it for awhile now. The polish is so smooth that I’m able to get a professional look without going to the nail salon.
Rihanna’s Loud: I listen to this album to get my adrenaline going before I head into work every morning. I love “What’s My Name” featuring Drake. It makes me think back on my high school crushes.