Strange Couple Alert: Kim G And Michael Lohan?

Remember Kim Granatell of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey“? She was that friend who was by Danielle Staub’s side for the great weave-pulling incident of 2010. Well apparently, she has a new beau and it’s none other than Michael Lohan, dad of Lindsay. According to Kim, they have been dating since January. “I just got back from making out with Michael in Florida,” she told the New York Post. “He’s got a very big heart. He’s a great guy.”

This is many shades of strange.First of all—did she really have to plant the image of them swapping spit in our heads? Ewww.

And second, isn’t Michael supposed to be checked into “Celebrity Rehab”? What’s he doing in Florida?

And finally, if they’ve been dating for months, was it Kim who called the police during a domestic dispute in March that led to Michael being charged with three counts of domestic violence? If so, does she want to retract the “great guy” sentence?

When I first read that these two were together, I was confused. But on second thought, Kim and Michael do make more sense than he and Kate Major, who was most famous for Jon Gosselin’s rebound after Hailey Glassman. They are close in age and are from similar areas—New Jersey and Long Island—not to mention that they both have kids.

Or maybe all these fifth tier tabloid favorites keep saying they’re dating to score another second in the media spotlight?

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