Lindsay Lohan Sentenced To Jail — Again

Lindsay Lohan is headed back to jail — again. An L.A. judge sentenced Lilo to 120 days in jail for violating her probation with that whole necklace stealing/borrowing hullabaloo. Lucky for her, the judge downgraded her felony grand theft charge to a misdemeanor. But unlucky for her, the judge told Lindz she should have notified the jewelry store that she had taken their necklace instead of allegedly only returning it after she heard cops would search her apartment for it. As of 4:30 p.m. PST, the pride of Long Island was on her way to Lynwood Correctional Facility, the same jail where she served 13 days of a 90-day sentence before being dispatched to rehab. On tonight’s return to Lynwood, Lindsay’s expected to have another mug shot taken and post bail. Lindsay was also sentenced to 480 hours of community service, including 360 hours at the Downtown Women’s Center in L.A. Maybe volunteer work will teach this freckled jailbird to mend her naughty ways? Jail doesn’t seem to be working.

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