Today’s Lady News: Oklahoma’s Governor Signs Two Anti-Abortion Bills

  • Oklahoma’s Governor Mary Fallin, a Republican, has signed two bills that will restrict abortion rights even further. One bans abortions after 20 week of pregnancy, based on the (false) claim touted by anti-abortion activists that 20 weeks is the point after which a fetus can feel pain. That bill makes an exemption if the mother’s life is at risk or if a major bodily organ would be impaired by the pregnancy. The second bill that Fallin signed would forbid insurance plans in OK to cover elective abortions under Obama’s new health care reform law. []
  • TIME magazine profiled 34 women in its 2011 “TIME 100″ spread of the world’s most influential people. (Last year the mag profiled 31 women). I’m particularly taken with this piece on Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards, written up by Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). [TIME]

  • Chrysanthe Tenentes, the community manager at FourSquare, the social networking check-in site, gets profiled by Capital New York. Yay for more recognition of women in tech! [Capital New York]
  • Vintage Maidenform bra ads get a round of applause in this very interesting AdWeek analysis of how to sell lingerie to women — while Victoria’s Secret’s latest ad starring Adriana Lima gets panned as ho-hum. [AdWeek]
  • Several women are recipients of the Sidney Hillman Foundation prize for exemplary reporting on social and economic justice issues, which comes with a financial prize. Isabel Wilkerson won for her book, The Warmth of Other Suns, about the migration of blacks to the North during the 20th century; Mona Reeder for her video and photography piece “A Surgery Gone Wrong: A Life Changed Forever,” about students and interns in hospitals treating poor and uninsured patients without their consent, in The Dallas Morning News ; and the staff of the feminist blog,, including Frisky contributors Chloe Angyal and Miriam Zoila Pérez. [Sidney Hillman Foundation]


  • Malaysia set up a camp to “correct” 66 Muslim school boys’ effeminate behavior, like wearing womens’ clothing. The boys, ages 13 to 17, apparently caused concern in education officials because they may be gay or transexual. (Gay sex is illegal in Malaysia.) How terribly sad. [Washington Post]