Ask The Man Panel: Topshop’s Fringed Skirt

This Topshop tasseled maxi skirt takes the fringe trend to, well, the max. With its tie-dye top section, I wouldn’t be surprised to find it in our Coachella style roundup, but that’s about the only situation I can imagine wearing it. We asked the Man Panel what they thought of this uber-bohemian look, and here’s what they had to say…Henry, 27: It kind of looks like a jellyfish. I’ll bet each one of those strings is laced with a deadly neurotoxin.

Nick, 25: Once this wears out, you could cut off the tassels to use as shoe laces, and use the top as a lamp shade cover. This could be the first in a new line of multipurpose fashion. Bravo!

Paul, 31: When I was in high school, long before Lady Gaga was wearing meat, I rode the bus with a girl who used to make clothes out of all kinds of things, like a tank top/skirt set made from brown paper bags, or a long flowy toga dress made from Powderpuff Girls sheets. She wore this skirt once, too. You can’t exactly tell from the photo, but it’s made from her dad’s hippie suede vest & her mom’s vintage beaded curtains.

Devin, 21: This thing is bringing squid vibes.

Kyle, 22: This looks like the ugliest lampshade ever…

Alec, 25: I feel like this is what one of those crazy blowup dancing guys you see at car lots would wear on a date.

Cory, 23: What the hell is this? It looks like a tie-dye jellyfish you wear around your ass.

Doug, 22: It makes me think of something like a sarong, except I would definitely be afraid of one of those tassels getting snagged on something.

Damien, 34: It’s nice to know Rick James left his hair to such a fashion-worthy cause when he died.