Introducing The David Yurman Bridal Collection

Evan Yurman, the jewelry designer behind the much-anticipated David Yurman Bridal Collection, says wedding jewelry should speak to the wearer. And most of the pieces in the bridal collection spoke to me when I stopped by the DY townhouse in Manhattan for a preview. The only problem was that I’m nowhere near accepting a proposal or offering one. But a girl can enjoy diamonds nonetheless…The Bridal Collection was a natural progression for the Yurman brand, helped along by high consumer demand. It features 10 engagement rings, wedding bands, and romantic pieces perfect for a wedding. Yurman brought DY’s unique style and identity, like the iconic cable design and high-quality diamonds, to a very traditional area of jewelry. Yet the collection speaks to many jewelry tastes.

Engagement and wedding rings are available in 18k yellow gold or platinum. And in addition to the David Yurman Signature Cut Diamond, the fine jeweler also offers engagement rings with round or cushion-cut diamonds.

While I might not be in the market for an engagement ring, I certainly didn’t mind trying on the beautiful engagement rings from the collection. I completely understand why women and some men go bonkers for diamond engagement rings. This was some of the most beautiful jewelry I’ve ever seen! After seeing some of the pieces, do you have a favorite?