“Free” Pregnancy Test Comes With Anti-Abortion Literature

Buying a pregnancy test can be awkward anywhere you live, but especially if you live in a community where everybody knows everybody. No wonder some women are happy to receive a free pregnancy test online, mailed to their house in a discreet package. But as one user of Gurl.com’s message boards recently found out, the pee-stick from OneFreePregnancyTest.com came at a price: judgment! Yes, her free pregnancy test came in the mail when anti-abortion literature that began:

“Hi mom, Will you let me breathe?

Oh, brother.According to user (L)iveyourLife’s posts on the Gurl.com message boards, she used a medication that may have interacted with her birth control. Thinking she could be pregnant, she went to OneFreePregnancyTest.com, input her address and they sent her a test as promised. This is the note it came with:

“Hi mom,

Will you let me breathe? I am and will ever be indebted to you for life. You’re my mother I will always honor you and speak your name with reverance because without you I would not be.

I want to crawl, I want to run and jump, I want to laugh and cry. I want you know hot and cold. I want to feel pain and joy. I want to feel the warm sun on my face. I want to feel the rush of wind as I run on the cool green grass. I want to see your eyes, I want to feel your loving embrace, I want to feel your soft warm lips on my cheeks … (etc, etc.)

Mom I need you! I need you for a body, for life. Please help me. We won’t know what I will become unless you give me a chance. Who knows? I might be the next sports superstar, I might be a famous actress, I might play music that makes others dance and feel hope … (etc, etc.)

Whatever the struggle, whatever difficulties you’re facing, will you sacrifice some for me and give me a chance at life?”

(L)iveyourLife — who wasn’t pregnant, by the way — had a good sense of humor about getting this letter, which is a relief.

Still, I would be pissed if it were me. Poking around OneFreePregnancyTest.com, I find it a little deceptive because it’s not immediately clear that it’s run by anti-abortion advocates and instead looks like a pink-fonted, warm and inviting web site for confused women. (There are mentions here and there about God, but that does not inherently mean it will be an anti-abortion site.) A page called “One Choice,” where women who found themselves unexpectedly pregnant write about why they chose to carry the pregnancy to term, is the most “anti-abortion” that the site gets.

Sure, if you give your address out to strangers, you should expect that they’re going to send you whatever crap in the mail that they feel like. (I speak from experience that getting prosthletized through the mail is a special kind of annoying. I have a dear, dear friend who is an evangelical Christian. She has signed me up for evangelical Christian women’s magazines for years, which I usually page through to see if there’s anything interesting and then toss it.)

But let’s get real here: sending anti-abortion literature addressed to “Mom” to someone who may desperately wish not to be pregnant is cruel. Guilt-tripping a woman in a time of emotional turmoil, especially a victim of rape or incest, is a disgusting thing to do.

It’s more troubling to me, though, that OneFreePregnancyTest.com is set up to look like it contains real, unbiased medical information: there are sidebars on the home page that read “symptoms” and “signs,” plus a whole sub-section on pregnancy tests. A doctor would know for sure if the information contained there is legit or lies perpetrated by anti-choicers and that’s not fair to women. So-called “crisis-pregnancy centers” have been shown to lie to pregnant women, so I don’t trust anti-choicers dispensing medical advice as far as I can throw them. And I sure as hell wouldn’t trust the results of a pregnancy test mailed to me by anti-choicers!

Has anyone sent away for a free pregnancy test from a site like OneFreePregnancyTest.com? What was your experience?

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