8 Celebs Whose Work Landed Them In Therapy

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Being an actor is not always an easy gig, especially when playing a particularly intense or dark role. I say this from experience. As a former actress, there were times when I would get so involved in a part that it became difficult to transition back to my life when the performance was over. “Friday Night Light”‘s Taylor Kitsch experienced this phenomenon while playing a suicidal photographer in his upcoming film, “Bang Bang Club.” “You almost f**king kill yourself to get there. You need counseling, you need all this s**t to come out of that character,” he told New York magazine. He did seek professional help while trying to reenter his regular life. “You just try to reengage slowly with family and close friends, you know … Because you just go on this crazy endeavor and then all of a sudden, a day later, you’re back in Austin, Texas, going for your morning coffee at your place, and you’re like, ‘Man, what just happened?’” Good for him, for seeking help to readjust. That makes him hot AND self-aware. After the jump, some more celebrities whose work landed them in therapy. [Huffington Post]
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