12 Curly-Haired Celebs Who Went Straight

curly straight carrot top jpg
Egads, Carrot Top ditched his signature orange curls for a straight and sleek ‘do on the cover of Las Vegas Magazine. When he looked at a photo of himself with his new mane he joked, “I would have sex with her … I’m pleasantly shocked, I look really good.” Hmmm. I don’t know if “good” is the right word. Maybe “more like the bride of Chuckie.” He could do himself an even bigger favor by discontinuing use of man makeup. His straightening process, which took four hours, was labor intensive. “It was all pulling, yanking, tugging and straightening. I’ve never been through anything like it,” he explained. As a natural Curly Girl who has decided to embrace my hair, I wince a little bit when I see a curly go straight — even if it is Carrot Top. Click through to see some more curly-hair celebs who played it straight. How do you like them better? I am biased, of course. [Las Vegas Sun]
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