Today’s Lady News: 5 Myths About Planned Parenthood

  • Five myths about Planned Parenthood that it’s about time we cleared up! Are you reading, Congressional Republicans? [Washington Post]
  • After agreed to screen its users against a sex offender database, the woman who sued the company after she was sexually assaulted on a date has revealed her identity. Carole Markin, a Los Angeles TV executive who filed the lawsuit anonymously as “Jane Doe,” applauded for agreeing to screen users. “I’m happy that they heard my message,” Markin said. “But I’m cautiously optimistic. They’re a big company, so we’re waiting to see what will happen.” [AOL News]
  • Women are more likely to quit engineering jobs due to negative work environments rather than trouble balancing work/family, according to a study by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. [Montreal Gazette]

  • Volkswagen is touting its new Beetle as the perfect car for men. Yes, for men. [The Week]
  • Bloggers at Feministing are petitioning The New York Times to hire someone other than a white dude on their op-ed page. [Feministing]
  • Grete Waitz, a Norweigan runner who won the NYC Marathon nine times, died today from cancer at age 57. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Utne Reader is offering an all-female music sampler. Go get it! [Utne Reader via Feministing]


  • The trial of an oral pill to halt the spread of HIV amongst 2,000 African women has been shut down due to poor results, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced. [AFP]
  • Italian women are none too pleased with Prime Minister Berlusconi’s piggish behavior. [Newsweek]