What Are “Libido Fairies”?

Apparently in Australia, female libidos are ruled by fairies instead of hormones. “Every time a man lies in bed pretending not to hear a crying child, a female libido fairy dies,” wrote a father of two. A clever reference to Peter Pan indeed, but I don’t get it. I mean, I get it. A woman would be less likely to want to have sex with her husband if she hasn’t been up all night tending to a crying child. But what does that have to do with fairies? “Libido fairies” explained after the jump.According to blogger Mia Freedman, female libido fairies are delicate creatures:

“Generally, female libido fairies have little in common with male libido fairies. This is probably because male libido fairies are not fairies, they are warriors. Almighty superhero warriors, who wear full body armor, wield light sabres and have magic powers of resilience capable of withstanding virtually any threat. Female libido fairies however, can be fragile creatures. Really, they should live in a bubble. Possibly bubble wrap. Or at the very least, a carefully controlled ecosystem where they can be protected from the infinite number of seemingly innocuous things that can kill them. Like resentment.”

I appreciate the use of extended metaphor to explain the delicate nature of the female sex drive but I am slightly disappointed to discover that there are not magical beings with wands living in our vaginas. I don’t know about you, but the mere mention of fairies in the bedroom would likely kill my libido fairy. Here in America, our men don’t speak of fairies in the boudoir, they are more focused on finding a warm spot to hide their light sabres. [Mama Mia]