Unlikely Style Icon: Ms. Frizzle From “The Magic Schoolbus”

Growing up, The Magic Schoolbus was one of my favorite series of books and TV shows. While my school’s budget was slashed to the point where our class field trips consisted of walking outside and looking for bugs in parking lot mud puddles, Ms. Frizzle was using her magic schoolbus to launch her class into outer space or shrinking it down to the size of a blood cell to explore the human circulatory system. Obviously this lady was an awesome teacher, but she also rocked some sweet personal style. After the jump, a toned-down take on her signature outfit…

  1. Umbrella: $38, ModCloth
  2. Dress: $88, J.Crew
  3. Physics of the Impossible by Michio Kaku: $11, Powell’s Books
  4. Pumps: $40, Zappos