Today’s Lady News: Jennifer Egan Wins The Pulitzer Prize For Fiction

  • Jennifer Egan’s novel A Visit From The Goon Squad won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction, it was announced today. Has anyone read it? What did you think? [AP]
  • has agreed to screen its users to weed out sex offenders after a customer blitzed the media with her tale of being sexually assaulted on a date. [The Root]
  • Curious how many male vs. female writers write for late-night comedy shows? Why, here’s a handy charticle about that very topic. [Buzzfeed]
  • Here’s what Congress would look like if it actually represented Americans based on demographics, i.e. a lot less old white dudes. [Feministing via GOOD Magazine]

  • Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will guest star on an episode of “30 Rock.” Oh yeah. [The Wrap]
  • Eyeglass sellers LensCrafters are upset that conservative Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) called Planned Parenthood “the LensCrafters of abortion.” [NY Daily News]
  • How did losing weight make this blogger a feminist? [A Black Girls’ Guide To Weight Loss]
  • Check out these drawings of historically accurate Disney princesses, done by by Microsoft Games artist Claire Hummel. Very cool. [The Daily What]
  • Are women the new must-have ingredient on TV’s crime dramas? [After Ellen]
  • Last week, we learned ABC has canceled “All My Children.” Was Erica Kane (Susan Lucci’s iconic character) a feminist pioneer? []
  • I bet you a chocolate Cadbury egg this weight loss ad that trills, “My hubby is coming back … I must look fit and prettym” will be one of the most cringe-inducing you’ve ever seen. [AdWeek]
  • Meet Allison Moore, 45, of New York City, who is participating in a five-borough bike tour despite her muscular disease called Charcot-Marie-Tooth. CMT can be a side effect of cancer, which doctors found in Moore’s leg while she was training for the New York City Marathon 16 years ago. [NY Daily News]
  • I’m super-bummed that Queerty, one of my must-read blogs about gay and lesbian issues, has shut down. [Queerty]


  • The plight of women and girls abused by female genital mutilation (also called female circumcision) never fails to be heartbreaking. [Guardian UK]
  • An Indian woman named Mamata Banerjee is attempting to unseat West Bengal’s ruling communist government. [BBC]
  • NPR profiled Tender Forever, a French indie pop singer who also happens to be a lesbian. [After Ellen]