Let’s Play The “Where Might I Like To Live?” Game!

This weekend, my boyfriend and I were down in Virginia visiting his parents, chit-chatting about his upcoming move to New York from Connecticut. I’m coming up on my 10-year anniversary as a resident of NYC — which apparently makes me “official” — and occasionally think about the other places I might like to live before I put down serious roots (i.e. have kids). I love New York so much, but I also fantasize about glamourous things I can’t get here (well, without serious money), like a backyard with a grill, a garden, and a hammock. My BF is eventually going to be applying to graduate school and while I’m definitely trying not to get ahead of myself, as far as our relationship is concerned, knowing this has made me consider my own willingness to move out of NYC — with or without him. Obviously, moving is a headache and work would need to be taken into consideration, but putting aside those pesky details, it’s fun to play the “Where might I like to live?” game. Personally — and I am sticking to the continental U.S. here — I could see myself enjoying a medium-sized southern city like Nashville or a beachy east coast town like Providence, RI. I could even see myself heading back to the west coast and settle for a bit outside of Seattle or San Francisco. Maybe even Portland! Though I don’t know about the rain…

How about you? Putting aside annoying issues like job placement and the real estate market, where else — besides where you are now — could you see yourself living?

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