“Spring Spheres” Instead Of “Easter Eggs?” Not So Fast

These two Fox News anchors are up in arms over this story straight outta the Pacific Northwest. “I can’t even say it,” says one anchor. “One Seattle elementary school is calling Easter eggs ‘spring spheres.'” She’s right that this is totally ridiculous because an Easter egg hunt is a part of, well, Easter and we wouldn’t start calling Christmas trees “Decemeber Evergreens” now would we? Her co-anchor makes another good point—that eggs aren’t actually sphere shaped.

However, the story they’re so fired up about may not even be true. This story didn’t sprout from a flyer posted at the school, or from a confused teacher, or even a disgruntled parent. The “spring sphere” story was recounted to a Seattle radio station by a 16-year-old volunteer at the school who wouldn’t give her last name or the name of the school in question. She claims she was handing a kid an Easter egg filled with candy. “They said I could do it as long as I called the treats ‘spring spheres.’ I couldn’t call them Easter eggs,” she explained. Which has either prank or media studies project written all over it.

Meanwhile, a Seattle school board spokesperson says that they have been looking into the incident, and can’t find proof that it happened or that any of their schools are using the term “spring sphere.” So this is kind of like that insane “freedom fries” movement of 2001. Only probably not real.

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