Shun, Shag, Or Marry: The Second Generation Of “Friday Night Lights”

The first season of “Friday Night Lights” was sort of like a Rorschach test for its straight, female viewers: do you want a Jason Street, a Tim Riggins, or Matt Saracen type? Knowing whether you gravitate toward the popular guy, the bad boy, or the underdog tells you a lot about yourself. But over the years, the original “FNL” characters moved on. (Most recently: Riggins to jail.) And with the fifth and final season of our favorite show beginning tonight on NBC, we thought it was time to pose the question with the show’s new class of football players. So: Vince Howard, Luke Cafferty, and Hastings Ruckle—who would we shun, shag, and marry? Find out after the jump. Shun: Vince Howard
If you’d asked me midway through season four, I would’ve said that Vince is infinitely marriable. He has a drug addict mom and a dad in prison, yet manages to care for his siblings even though he’s just a high school kid. Plus, there was something so admirable about the way he jumped into football and dedicated himself toward taking a better path in life. But this season is all about how Vince handles becoming a Lions star. And apparently, his big head and cocky attitude get pretty outta control. So … next!

Shag: Luke Cafferty
Again, Luke Cafferty started out as marriage material. He was supped to be the Dillon Panthers’ star running back until it was discovered he lived out of district. Rather than fight to be on the overdog team, he did the honorable thing and joined the East Dillon Lions and played hard. But then he got Becky pregnant and wasn’t very supportive through the whole situation. Hey, we’ll still fool around with him, but we’re using a condom. Not that we ever don’t.

Marry: Hastings Ruckle
This season’s newcomer played by Grey Damon, Hastings is an accidental football player. To be more specific, he’s a sensitive, free-spirited basketball player who thinks football is too violent—until Coach Taylor courts him hard to get him to join the team. Oh, and did we mention he’s megahot, kind of a Tim Riggins 2.0, minus the bad attitude? Yep, he’s a keeper.

But of course, we would always take Coach Taylor for his brooding good looks, his strong but silent-type mannerisms, and because his relationship with Tami is so, so sweet.

Which “Friday Night Lights” guy are you all about?