Does A “Real Houswives Of New Jersey” Without Danielle Staub Smell As Sweet?


Mark your calendars for May 16, folks. That’s when “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” returns. Well, at least a few of them anyway—Dina Manzo called it quits midway through last season and our favorite skin suit wearer, Danielle Staub, was ousted after last season, too. But there are some new ladies filling in their slots. First there’s Melissa Gorga, who just happens to be Teresa Giudice’s sister-in-law. Melissa is a mother of three who wants to be a pop star and has been recording tracks with producer Keith Boles. “It’s feel good music,” he explains. The second new housewife is Kathy Wakile, who happens to be Teresa’s cousin. Kathy is a mom of two and is super into throwing parties. Apparently, we have her daughter’s belly dancing themed Sweet 16 to look forward to.

But just because these new housewives are family doesn’t mean things are going to be all lovey dovey. Back in September, we told you that Teresa was livid about Melissa joining the cast. A source said at the time, “When Teresa got word that her sister-in-law was asked to be part of the show, she said, ‘If she’s going to be on the show, then I’m not going to do it.’ Teresa and Melissa don’t get along. They don’t speak … Melissa will stand up to her on TV. She’s a nice woman, but Melissa will give her a run for her money if Teresa busts her balls.”

In this preview, the rivalry sure comes out. The two have a knack for putting each other down on camera. “Teresa says that she’s never herd me sing,” says Melissa. “It’s such a crock of s**t.”

“I probably would have worn that when I was 17,” shoots back Teresa.

“Last year, I went to Teresa’s Christmas day and I brought cookies,” says Melissa later. “She told me she threw them out.”

And Teresa’s relationship with Kathy is no better. “No Teresa, the floor is always yours,” Kathy snaps at her on the beach before calling Teresa coockoo.

Danielle who?