Bradley Cooper To Star In A Remake Of “The Crow”?

Bradley Cooper may be smearing on some face paint and going dark—very dark—for his next movie. The actor is currently in talks to star in a remake of “The Crow,” the 1994 cult movie based on a comic book of the same name. The premise? A couple is brutally attacked and murdered the day before their Halloween wedding. A year later, the man is brought back to life to exact revenge on the ones who did it. As if the basic plotline weren’t dark enough, the making of the movie itself was tinged with tragedy when star Brandon Lee was killed in an onset accident where a prop gun fired an actual bullet. So I guess I have to ask—why is this movie being remade? It’s been less than 20 years since the original appeared in theaters. When it came out, it was a box office hit that looked pretty spectacular and had a killer soundtrack. Not to mention—who would sign up to star in a remake? Apparently, Bradley isn’t nearly as superstitious as I am. [EW]