Syndrome Of The Day: Midlife Mirror Angst Syndrome

Another day, another affliction that women suffer from. Today it’s Midlife Mirror Angst Syndrome which, according to a new study, is a syndrome that 90 percent of women in their 40s and 50s suffer from. It is a glorified way of saying that most middle-aged women hate what they see when they look in the mirror because they are old. Oh, and society is ageist in case you weren’t aware.

Changes wrought by age, combined with a youth-obsessed fashion industry, led to a dramatic drop in body confidence for women the older they get — resulting in Midlife Mirror Angst Syndrome … There’s no psychological underpinning for this, but the fact remains that at midlife, women can feel invisible — or at worse, unattractive.

Ack. Midlife Mirror Angst Syndrome is a stupid name for an ugly truth — we seem to hate ourselves at every age. Can we cut out all this depressing female self-hatred business because I’m getting Sick of Stupid Syndrome Names Syndrome? I don’t know how, yet, but I am going to come up with a cure that will destroy all these “lady syndromes.” Any brilliant ideas? Please share. [Daily Mail UK]