Unlikely Style Icon: The Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling

Recognize these women? They’re the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, better known as G.L.O.W. — the female counterpart to the WWE. We happen to think they have incredible style — and we’re pretty sure American Apparel agrees. After all, they seem to have built an entire scantily-clad empire by biting G.L.O.W.’s look. If you want to rock a leotard look while pulling a mean double suplex move, we’ve got some stylish options for you after the jump.

  • Sparkle and Fade Wrap Around Tulip Skirt, $49
  • American Apparel Spandex Leotard, $25
  • Victoria’s Secret Crop Top, $17.50
  • Revlon Perfect Heat Essentials Crimper, $14.99
  • Asos Fingerless Leather Gloves, $35.86